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You can book Subito! We offer first-class entertainment for the guests of your event or celebration. We regularly perform at fairs, companies, anniversaries, summer events, shop grand openings, christmas parties and as accompaniment to seminars and trainings.

Always tailor-made for your event, we are booked frequently for private occasions, as well, no matter whether it is a huge concert hall, a restaurant, a back yard, or even your own living room! Have us at your birthday party, your wedding, and your club party. Let us help you with a free brainstorming, planning session. We will gladly devise a personalized non-binding offer for you.

Please send your booking request by e-Mail to: kontakt@subitotheater.de

Subito! is something special.
We play scenes that have never been seen before on stage nor will ever be seen again. A show full of world premieres.

Subito! is interactive.
We offer your guests the opportunity to influence our shows actively. With ready wit we transform suggestions spontaneously into short scenes. The huge amout of audience participation creates vivid memories.

Subito! offers tailor-made programs.
We integrate the theme of your event occasion in our scenes. Since we conform our show to your guests and your needs, our performance, simply put, enhances your event.

Subito! is customizable.
We offer full or supporting programs. You can freely choose the duration and place (even open-air) of our show. We attune ourselves to you, not vice versa – which significantly eases your planning.

Subito! adresses a broadly based audience.
We submit entertainment without frontiers. We amuse everyone, no matter if young or old, if its bowling buddies or your beloved aunties, if its tuxedos or jeans. In any case, we make sure everyone gets their money worth.

Subito! provides variety.
Every show is unique. A huge pool of games guarantees new experiences for the audience. Special highlights are the impro-matches, in which guest teams play with us, competing for the audience’s favor. Watch out! You and your guests may turn into impro-fans that will not miss a single show…

Subito! is international.
Performing in English is not a problem for us, so you can provide sophisticated entertainment for your international guests and audience.